Peter Atkinson

Peter Atkinson is a Software Engineer based in London, UK. I designed a personal logo for him, using an isometric grid. You can see the process and results below.

Peter Atkinson logo construction

The concept for the logo consists of a Rubik’s cube (the symbol for solving logical problems) and the letter ‘P’ (Peter’s initial). I also incorporated an underscore within the letter ‘P’, a mark commonly used by developers. 

Peter Atkinson logo construction

After trying multiple color combinations, we decided on a combination of blue, white and turquoise as the primary brand colors. This color palette fits perfectly with the techy mood of a software developer’s personal brand.

Peter Atkinson logo icon
Peter Atkinson logo on mockup
Peter Atkinson stationary

Colorful underscores from the icon were used to create beautiful patterns, used across the stationery items as a supporting element of a brand.

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